Elocution Battle


Mantra of Tantra

We have a history of organising thoughtful events as well as sessions that leave a positive impact on the audience allowing them to better themselves each day. Keeping the same vision in mind we invited Harish Uthayakumar, better known as Curious Harish to address college students on the topic "Time Management & Freelancing" which is still a thing many students want to do, yet fail in achieving success in it.

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Financial Literacy

Orator club IIIT Nagpur hosted an astonishing session on Financial literacy on 10 September 2021. Shikha Mittal, the co-founder of Be.artsy, graced the occasion as the speaker for the session. According to a survey, 76% of Indians lack perspicuity of how to manage financial resources on the basis of income-expenditure analysis created in the year 2021. Orator club understands the importance of this survey and to enlighten our college students we conducted this event.

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About Club

We are the Orator Club, a pioneer club founded by the students of Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Nagpur(an institute of National Importance) on 28th January 2021.

Our prime motto is Elocution, Diction, Oration. The club rejoices to have built a community of 300+ members taking particpation in its various club activites conducted throughout the year. As the club continues to grow, our team is dedicated to create an evergrowing community of orators.







Vision and Mission

We are on a mission of educating and creating awareness among people regarding various topics by organizing events, debates and seminars. Our aim is to not only strengthen but also to nurture the zeal of oratory and debating in the students.

This aim of ours continuously drives us to create opportunities for our audience and members to maintain their interest and also maintain the connection of knowledge and wisdom amongst every one of us.